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I am 70 years old and I had been on morphine sulphate since 1999. Due to 17 car accidents since I was a small child, In two accidents where I was hit on the drivers side due And another p running a stop sign and a red light. The worst damage came in 1999, when a horse reared up and trampled me. The Dr said I would be on morphine ever since. When I found Conolidine I was hesitant … but I tried and slowly I got off the morphine.I bought 12 or so bottles and ended up giving 2 bottles to friends who had damage and was happy to try it! Now, my only worry, is what will happen when my bottles run out? Will Conolidine be available for me? It is amazing.. I have told my friends, family about this wonderful product ! Now, I think I will be out of the wonderful gift

-Claudia Baker

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